Masters in Data Science in USA Review: University of Texas at Dallas

Hi there guys, this has been a really long week, I had a lot of work to do and that exhausted me quite a bit. Anyways, I hope the last article presented my perspective on the GSU’s MS in Analytics program. UT Dallas is one of the biggest universities in the south USA. The university is one of the 3 main UT campuses namely – Austin and Arlington. Though, UT Austin is more reputed and also offers a Business analytics program the UT Dallas program is far more suitable for students who actually want to be a Data Scientist. Let me make my point clear again, Business analytics at UT Austin is an awesome program for those who aspire to be business analysts, operational analysts etc but not Data scientist, as the curriculum does not offer subjects that are really required by any budding Data Scientist. Now, many might think that why is Koushik suggesting a business analytics program to people who wanna be  Data science Professionals. Because there are quite many universities in the USA,that provides the opportunity to become a data scientist by incorporating concepts required into their curriculums, thereby allowing the students to choose a career goal from a pool of options including Data Scientist. Now, the UT Dallas MSBA program is the 16th best ranked Business Analytics program in the world. But that doesn’t quite tell the flexibility and how good the program is designed. Let’s dig deep into the details of the program.

Snapshot of a part of UTD


The curriculum of the program is quite spectacular as it helps the students learn all the essential concepts and technologies required for Data science. For instance, there are quite a few universities that offer to teach ‘Hadoop’ which is one of the hottest skills required by a data scientist these days. Not only this, but students also learn to code in technologies like SAS, which is fading now a days in business school curriculums. The curriculum is very up to date and is ever-changing as per industry requirements which is awesome. It has all the courses and the students will have hands-on experience with technologies like Hadoop, Spark, R, Python essentially the fundamental languages required technically by any data scientist compulsorily. Then, comes the business courses like marketing analytics, predictive analytics fulfilling the business savviness side of the data scientist. Finally, electives help the student to be aware of the current trending topics in the field of data science. What else does an aspiring data scientist need other than these from a curriculum?. Most importantly, the program offers a Business analytics internship, that involves the student to work with real tech companies, performing data analysis on real-time data, that a data scientist actually does every day. The program also offers different career paths for the students enrolling into the program. The program is offered by the Jindal school of management which is named after Naveen Jindal himself who was an alumnus of UTD. The students can also apply for scholarships and UTD has a generous record of granting scholarships to many students every year. JSOM has partnerships with many leading companies in and out of Texas which is an added bonus for the students. Also, there are quite many seminars, expos being held every now and then in the university. The courses I am quite interested in are – Business Analytics With R, Big data, Programming for data science, Business analytics Practicum.Finally, the feature which attracted me the most is the ‘Flexibility’ of the program. It can be completed within 2 years which is quite a lot of time as many universities these days, instruct the students to complete their degree before 12 – 15 months, especially the masters in data science programs.

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The faculty of JSOM is one of the top-ranked and also, it is quite evident from the fact that, it was ranked as the 9th best program in the USA, which tells a lot about the quality of education given at JSOM. For instance, Dr.Jianqing Chen is working on social media and user-generated data which are the primary source of the data generated these days. The campus is one of the largest in the USA stretching over a lot of areas. The opportunities available are immense for any student from any background. It is the student life at UTD that excites me even more. If you are an Indian, then you can just forget that you are living in the USA, because the environment there is somewhat similar to India’s. International center for decision and risk analysis, is one center which I am really interested because it deals with risk management in organizations, and also industry partners collaborate their efforts with the faculty at UTD to collectively work on risk management, personally, I am interested in learning more about “Risk in financial and Economic decisions”. There are a lot of student organizations that just tells you how the diverse University of Texas at Dallas is. I would prefer the Data science club because it provides a platform for like-minded people and also engages them in events like guest lectures from industry professionals, workshops etc. I will contribute my best towards the club by thoroughly participating in all the events and also by spreading the word among other people unaware of such opportunities.

Dallas – one of the fastest growing cities in USA


Dallas – fortworth area is one of the fastest growing areas in terms of data science and analytics centered companies and therefore it would be an added bonus for a student to find a job more easily in data science fieldThe university resides at Dallas, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. The Plano region is one big place for investments in data science. So graduating in Dallas will be an additional opportunity for students that must be utilized. Also, the cost of living is very affordable and very low which could be really useful as the students need not spend money unnecessarily. The job prospects of the program are also quite good compared to other streams, and the university also boasts placement to most of the students who enrolled in the MSBA program which is quite reassuring too. Okay guys that’s it for this post , let us meet in the next post where I shall discuss about the Indiana University,Bloomington Masters in Data science program.The link below provides details about the MSBA program at UTD, check it out:





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