Masters in Data Science in USA review : Georgia State University

Hello everyone, in this post, let us discuss about one of the most rigorous curriculums offered in Masters of data science, MS in Analytics , Georgia State university. Many of you might not be aware of the analytics program at GSU, because it is fairly, a recent program that has been started in 2014, I believe. However, one important feature of the program is the Sprint project which is not offered by many 1st tier institutions too. There are many other features of the program which I find superior to other programs offered by many top universities. This program is not very well known to students because this program has a reputation of taking in working professionals rather than students, which is totallt a myth. If you check out their website, you can find the class profile of the current batch which shows that there are students who donot have prior working experience whatsoever. Let us now dig deep into the features of the program that make it a must for any data science aspirant to choose.

Georgia State University


As I have already mentioned that the curriculum is rigorous, it is quite clearly evident from the course descriptions that, these are the courses required by any data science aspirant like us to bloom into a Data scientist. Although this program, offers the applicants 2 paths – Computational data analytics, which focuses mostly on the technical side of the data science, whereas the other path which is – Non – Compuational analytics, encompasses courses related to business, healthcare analytics, social analytics etc, which is basically offering a broad spectrum of subjects to choose from. This curriculum’s rigorousness can be illustrated by the picture below which depicts the course contents of Data Programming for Analytics respectively.

Screenshot (3480)
Snapshot of the course contents

The snapshot shows how the course is planned to complete, it consists of other activities like seminars, group discussions etc which instill more fun into learning. Also there assignments/ exams being conducted every week which is good, as one can keep track of their academic performance every now and then. Technical expertise gained from this program is immense, as every student will be able to program in Python / R along with all the packages involving usage in data analysis. Also this is one of the fewest programs that offers to teach the students to deploy their apps on AWS , Microsoft Azure, which is exceptionally good. Another important aspect of the program is surely the “Sprint project”, which offers the student to gain real time experience, by working with companies on real time data science problems that an “actual” Data Scientist deals with everyday.


The department faculty at GSU is ranked 4th best on the list of rankings in USA respectively. That tells you a lot about the kind of teachers that Georgia state has. Additionally, most of the faculty that are associated with the MS in Analytics, have a lot of industry experience and are up to date with the contemporary trends. Specifically, I would like to mention about Dr. Yusen Xia, because his research interests involve Structured and Unstructred Data analysis which is also in my line of interests. He has also worked with Big companies like Amazon, Ryerson which tells us that he also has the professional industry exposure that he can direct on to the students too.

Coming to the student organizations, there are a lot of diverse clubs and organizations hosted by the students, where students with common aspirations can come together and share their beliefs. I personally like the Computer science club, Collegiate Entrepreneur club as they have a lot to do with my interests and aspirations among the available ones.

Atlanta is a city full of opportunities


The program boasts a 100 percent placement for all the batches that hae passed out until now, which is pretty fantastic. Atlanta, is one of the few cities where the investment related to data science is increasing rapidly, which is a very good thing. There wont be any problem whatsoever for the students of this program as the sprint project involves companies that offer the students to convert their internships into full time jobs. So the students need not worry much about jobs. As far as climate is concerned, the climate in georgia is balanced, that is, it snows moderately during the winter and the summers are pleasant. Overall, the climate is very easy to adapt to if you are capable to adapt to new places quickly.

Okay guys, I hope you now have an understanding of why, the GSU Analytics program is ranked one of the best all over the world. Next up, is UT Dallas Business analytics program. Visit the official site below for more details.





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