Masters in Data science in USA review: University of san francisco

Hello there friends, hope y’all are having a good time. When it comes to selection of universities, one has to look at all the factors that make a good university. So after all my research from the past 3 months, I got to know about many such awesome universities offering a masters degree in data science. So the upcoming chapters in the Masters in data science in USA , would be the universities which I feel, have to be on any aspirant’s list of universities. I will post individually about each of those universities in the upcoming posts. Let us talk about the University of San Francisco today, as one would obviously know that, Data science became in boom in the “bay area”, before it spread to all over the United States and the world. Lets now dive into the review!!


University of San Francisco Campus

Curriculum and offerings

The masters in data science program is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences of USF. It is offered in summer term of every year. So applicants hoping to get admitted should prioritize and submit the application before December 5th, which is the priority deadline. Also there is another normal deadline for students too. I shall for provide the details of the program in the link at the end of the post. The program is a 12 month program offered for recent graduates, working professionals and requires the applicants to have prior experience of programming, if not the applicant has to enroll into one of those course upon getting an admit.

Coming to the curriculum, it is one of the most solid and reliable curriculums I have come across. The rigorous curriculum is everything . In fact , this curriculum consists of courses that provide the technical expertise and theoretical background required for a budding data scientist. For instance there is a course , “Communication for Analytics” which basically teaches the students to explain their results and findings from research to “non technical” people in the most effective way possible. This tells you, how diverse the program’s curriculum is. Also there are many other courses offered which I feel are very useful and interesting too – Exploratory data analysis, Time series analysis , Communication for analytics , Multivariate statistical analysis are some courses I would like you guys to  specifically check out on the website.

The most important feature of the program however I feel is, the “Practicum”. There are several reasons I could say to justify the previous statement. The practicum allows students to experience how it “actually” feels to work on data science problems in an organization, which is not really offered by many universities out there. Each project is sponsored by the company itself. The main advantage is that students can “actually” work on real time data sets, which means that the students can know what they are going to “actually do” when they work as a data scientist and more importantly students have to compulsorily spend 10 – 15 hours every week on this practicum until they finish it . So, students have classes simultaneously with practicum going on the week ends. That is why, it such a rigorous curriculum. The electives offered are also very useful and can be used by the students to explore other areas like business and computer science. So, this program definitely offers a pragmatic curriculum, unlike universities which offer theory-heavy curricula. 

Another snapshot of USF


I would say, USF has one of the best faculty as per their academic qualifications. Most of the faculty are doctorate holders from reputed universities in USA and other parts of the world too. Like, there are professors from other countries like China, India etc. I am really interested in the research of Mr. James Wilson, because of his research area being related to “Analyzing and Modelling high dimensional data ” , which is one of my interests too. I would recommend anyone to enroll into his “multivariate statistical analysis” if admitted. There are lot of opportunities for students to indulge in activities and various clubs. I personally like to be one of the members of the “Graduate student senate” , because I really think that I possess the qualities a person should have in order to, represent other people and lead them in a right way. Again it is my preference, one can choose from 180+ clubs. 

photo of woman basking in the sun
Job prospects are really good in San Francisco

JOB prospects and Location

Another big advantage for students studying at USF is the location. Some might think, why is location a big deal to consider while choosing a university. I have seen people struggle to find a job or work despite graduating from a good university because of an unfavorable location of the campus.However, San francisco is a part of the Bay Area which hosts the largest number of data science companies in usa, there are more than 1200 companies in san francisco alone in the field of data science. So there are ample opportunities and job prospects are really high. The university boasts 100 percent placement rate during it’s last 2 batches, which is impeccable. The climate is lovely in san francisco. It is not extreme , for instance, there are places in USA where winter lasts for over 7 – 8 months, which is insane. I hope you all understood my point of view in placing USF as one of the best universities in USA offering Masters in Data Science. Next up is “Georgia State University “. Until then stay tuned!! . Visit the USF website for more details. 





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