Future of Data Scientists

This is a very interesting and important chart, and here are my observations.
Note: Beginning of decline starts right after peak demand, so we use these 2 terms interchangeably.

The demand for Data Scientists has began to grow rapidly soon after it was proclaimed the sexiest job of 21st century in 2012. This demand is being satisfied in 2 ways:

Poll: When Demand for Data Science Machine Learning will begin to decline

Again, the most surprising finding is that the curves again are similar. The one notable difference is that US/Canada respondents were more optimistic – their most common choice was peak demand in 7-10 years, while in other regions it was 4-6 years. The percent of people saying 25 years or more was amazingly similar (18.3% to 19.8%) in all regions.

What can explain such a similar distribution?

One hypothesis is that people by nature are frequently optimists or pessimists, and that affects their predictions. Perhaps when asking about predictions about things like social trends that cannot be determined from physics but depend on people’s feelings and intuition, polls should somehow measure the trait of optimism vs pessimism.

If this is true, we note that percentage of optimists is relatively similar across different affiliations and regions, and does not change much with experience.

Poll Demand Data Science Ml Vs Experience 484

You can find more information on this topic at Kaggle. Okay then, hope you learnt something today.





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